T-Top Bollard with Reflective Band


The T-Top Bollard is made from orange PVC with a reflective band around it.

The T-top is in the shape of a T which makes it easy to grip and makes it simple to wrap barrier tape between bollards.

It doesn’t weigh much and they stack well too.

The T-Top works best with a Rubber Base – 6kg for balance and stability (included).

This bollard is a must for almost every environment and workplace.

Additional 6KG bases can be ordered separatley here.



Height: 1100MM
Material: PVC
Reflective Band: Class 1 reflective band for night time viability.
Bollard Weight: 0.7KG
Base Weight: 6~8KG
Bottom Size: 420MM x 420MM


Additional information

Weight 7.2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 42 × 110 cm


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