Win.Star (Australia) International Trading Pty Ltd is headquartered on the 57th floor of Sydney’s most prosperous CBD MLC Ocean View Building. The Group is engaged operates import and export products in various fields such as transportation, automobiles, environmental protection, and life products, such as engine oil, car maintenance products, road safety facilities, advertising materials, environmental protection equipment, and red wine. At the same time Win.Star is the seller of Castrol lubricants of BP p.l.c.( British Petroleum) in Australia.

Business Concept

Since the origination, the business concept of “Devotion Leads to Miracles” has been observed with human-oriented management style. Focusing on satisfying the customers demand for professional services, with the basis of excellent team and management, competitive advantage from innovative service, as well as strong technical training and support from leading FIE, a win-win-win situation is achieved for maximizing the value of customer, employees and the company.